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Complements and supplements

ACMT offers the following supportive and logistic inputs as complementary and supplementary facilities for the program:

  • Teaching Pedagogy: We strive to make students confident and creative builder for future. Our focus is on overall personality development of all
    students. The students are encourgaged to meet academic challenges with openness. enthusiasm and a willingness to solve problems
  • Guest Lectures and Industry visit: Experts from different sectors of SME's are invited to deliver the Guest Lecture to our undergraduate students
    on semester basis. The focus of guest lecture and Industry visits is on contemporary management issues exists in local & global business market.
  • Personality development and Certified Financial Planner Training
  • Free Laptop to each students to support student's learning

Scholarship and awards

  • 100% Scholarship in First Semester Tuition fee for the Students securing 80% and above in their +2 or equivalent.
  • 75% Scholarship in Semester Tuition Fee to the internal Evaluation Topper per semester basis.
  • 50% Scholarship in Semester tuition Fee to the Internal Evaluation Second Topper per semester basis.


A student who has passed his/her four years of study will be grade on the basis of the four year's average marks on CGPA as follows:

Grade Grade value Equivalent marks % Remark
A+ 4.0 90 and Above  
A 3.75 80 and Below 90  
B+ 3.50 70 and Below 80  
B 3.00 60 and Below 70  
C 2.50 50 and Below 60  
D 1.75 40 and Below 50  
F 0.0 Below 40 Fail
I - Not Qualified(NQ)/Absent Incomplete

The performance of a student is evaluated in terms of the following indices: The semestergrade point average(SGPA) which is the grade point average for the semester and is given by SGA=Total honor points earned in a semester/total number of credit hours taken in a semester.

Class Hours

  1. Morning Shift:- From 6:45 am to 11:15 am.
  2. Day Shift: - From 11:30 am to 16:30 pm.